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For Crane & Equipment Companies

Point. Click. Schedule.

Visual Dispatch has an interactive, drag and drop interface that allows dispatchers to easily check availability, schedule cranes, equipment, employees and jobs.

Easy to Use and Loaded with Powerful Features to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Visual Dispatch was created to simplify the complex operations of the crane and rigging industry and since then has become the industry-wide standard for Job, Employee, and Equipment or Fleet Management. Before Visual Dispatch, businesses had to stay organized using complex paper filing systems and difficult to understand spreadsheets. By incorporating, quoting, scheduling, dispatching, safety, field ticketing, time sheeting, invoicing, and reporting into a powerful and easy-to-use, Visual Dispatch dramatically streamlines the process of getting new business while allowing you to efficiently manage the business you already have. No more manual filing and updating. No more paperwork errors. It’s as simple as “Point. Click. Schedule.”

We are an Operations Based Business Solution

We know operations make your business work so we help your operations run smoothly.


Increased efficiency means increased profitability.

Software Integration

We integrate with your business, so you don't have to integrate to our software.

User Friendly

Mobile Compatible and adoption is made easy.


About Us

Visual Dispatch software was developed by Chicago-based Senarc Systems, whose leadership team had previously spent decades in the crane and rigging industry. Founded in 1995, Senarc serves clients around the world, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

From the outset, Senarc approached software development completely from the user’s point of view. We considered every single step—including quoting, scheduling, dispatching, safety, field ticketing, time sheeting, invoicing, and reporting—typically performed manually by companies in the business of moving large equipment and people to jobsites. We then began to create software solutions to simplify these steps as never before possible.

The result is Visual Dispatch, a versatile, reliable product used extensively by crane and rigging and equipment companies and applicable to many other businesses requiring logistical management of jobs, equipment, and people.

Visual Dispatch continues to grow with outstanding features that create greater efficiencies for all customers. And we work closely with each customer to tailor our software’s features to particular needs.

Our focus is business efficiency which means integrations and using new technology.

Our Passion

To bring the best possible equipment dispatch software available to all sized business owners.

Our Unique Process

Our software is unparalleled at supporting the crane and equipment industry. Also, our team is a unique blend of technical savvy with operational experience bringing you a dedicated team willing to do what it takes to help improve your business.

Our Commitment

We are committed to bringing the best possible integrated solution to the crane & equipment industry.


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