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Construction Engineer

Visual Dispatch's quoting feature was designed with the salesperson's busy schedule in mind.  Standardize equipment packages to easily quote projects, large and small, with a few clicks. You will be able to capture all the information needed by the sales team, dispatch, payroll, and invoicing team without sacrificing the ability to customize the look and feel of your quotes.

Our software was built to provide seamless scheduling for crane jobs. No other scheduling tool will give you the ability to manage your resources like we do. Whether tracking the many changes of taxi work or keeping tabs on long-term projects, our scheduling tool will make your operations run smoother. You will be able to:

  • Add new jobs in seconds to equipment and employee schedules

  • Share employees & equipment between branches

  • Utilize our e-ticket program to eliminate excessive paperwork and double data entry

  • Instantly communicate with field and office personnel through email and SMS Text features to communicate job additions and changes

  • Manage resource from a single screen with drag & drop functionality

  • Track equipment & employee certifications.

  • Manage multiple companies in a single database

Mobile Crane
Using a Touch Phone

Visual Dispatch’s simple to use mobility features allow you to get real-time job information, eliminating time-wasting activities and double data entry associated with job billing. Capturing all job hour entries in real-time eliminates errors and gets your invoice to the customer much faster. Manual and paperwork heavy processes create bottlenecks holding up vital information to complete billing. Paperwork can also get lost or forgotten on a desk. Once information is captured within Visual Dispatch, your information is safe and accurate and you won't be leaving money on the table for unaccounted for hours or hours discovered once the bill has already been sent. Our web-based platform works on all devices without the need for device registration. 

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