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Our Mission

Senarc provides the Visual Dispatch® software, an easy-to-use solution that enables companies in many industries—such as crane and rigging, concrete pumping, roll-off, and water trucking, street sweeping, and excavation—to optimize workflows, improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer service. By simplifying the entire project management process and providing industry-leading technical support, we help our customers become more competitive. We will continue to apply our personal experience in the crane business to developing robust software innovations for a wider range of industries, solving a full spectrum of business challenges, in one easy-to-use program, and becoming a trusted partner in each customer’s success.  

Technology Promise

  • Visual Dispatch is customer-driven. We are constantly in contact with customers, whose front-line experience and valuable input continually guide our product development decisions. We are committed to incorporating the most beneficial functionality into our core product. Utilizing leading-edge technology, we plan to add more and more features to help our customers streamline their day-to-day operations and increase profits.

Computer Tutorials

Senarc and Visual Dispatch

Visual Dispatch software was developed by Chicago-based Senarc Systems, whose leadership team had previously spent decades in the crane and rigging industry. Founded in 1995, Senarc serves clients around the world, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South America and serves the following industries:

  • Crane and Rigging

  • Concrete Pumping

  • Street Sweeping

  • Water Transport

  • Roll-Off

  • Excavation

  • Heavy Construction

  • General Equipment Rental

From the outset, Senarc approached software development completely from the user’s point of view. We considered every single step—including quoting, scheduling, dispatching, managing, invoicing, and reporting—typically performed manually by companies in the business of moving large equipment and people to jobsites. We then began to create software solutions to simplify these steps as never before possible.

The result is Visual Dispatch, a versatile, reliable product used extensively by crane and rigging and concrete pumping companies and applicable to many other businesses requiring logistical management of jobs, equipment, and people.

Senarc continues to add outstanding features that create greater efficiencies for all our customers. And we work closely with individual customers to tailor our software’s features to particular needs.

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