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Analysing data


Industrial Building


The Roll-Off Industry has many unique requirements that, until now, weren't served with a custom software solution.  With the Visual Dispatch Roll-Off Edition the industry now has a powerful tool to manage the logistics of roll-off receptacle delivery, retrieval, and dumping.  Furthermore, it can easily accommodate scheduling and invoicing based on weight overages and dumping requirements.  It's specialized functionality make Visual Dispatch a complete software management solution that will provide Roll-Off operators a level of productivity that was previously unheard of.


Crane and Rigging

Visual Dispatch was created to simplify the complex operations of the crane and rigging industry and, since then, has become the industry-wide standard in Fleet and Resource Management Software.  Before Visual Dispatch, businesses had to stay organized using complex paper filing systems and difficult to understand spreadsheets.  By incorporating job quote generation, scheduling, preventative maintenance, invoicing, seamless accounting and GPS integration into a powerful and easy-to-use interface, Visual Dispatch dramatically streamlines the process of getting new business while allowing you to efficiently manage the business you already have.  No more manual filing and updating.  No more paperwork errors.  It's as simple as "Point, Click, Schedule..."

Concrete Pumping

Efficiency is essential in the Concrete Pumping Industry.  With materials tracking, precise scheduling, and fleet management, the Visual Dispatch Concrete Pumping Edition provides the level of accuracy that the industry requires.  Additionally, it includes all of the extensible functionality that makes Visual Dispatch an industry leader: quoting, preventative maintenance, invoicing, and accounting and GPS integration.  With all this power at your disposal, Visual Dispatch not only empowers you to efficiently manage the business you already have, it also streamlines the process of getting new business.

Concrete Foundation

Visual Dispatch is a versitile and easy to use solution that works for all types of industries.

No two business's work the same way.  The same holds true for the various industries that Visual Dispatch serves.  But Visual Dispatch's versatility and simplicity are what allows it to work so effectively for the broad based needs of its users.  That is why it has found a place in all types of businesses that require logistical management of jobs, employees, and equipment.  Businesses in the following industries have already discovered how Visual Dispatch helps them become more efficient:

  • Water Trucks

  • Tank Rentals

  • Street Sweeping

  • Concrete Cutting

  • Demolition

  • Excavation

  • General Construction

  • Ready Mix Delivery

  • Heavy Machinery Moving

Industrial Smoke


- Get the right size and number of resources to each job, every time.
- Eliminate the risk of double-booking.
- Know precisely where your equipment and employees are located.
- Quickly identify all available equipment and assign to appropriate job.




- Generate a quote, even during a phone call with a customer.
- Email the quote instantly to the customer and track the status.
- Keep track of quotes accepted and revenue related to each.

- Avoid double entry by converting job data to an invoice.
- integrate with your own accounting software.
- Instantly email invoices to shorten the payment cycle.
- Customize reports; export to Excel and/or email to your team.

- Pop-up reminders—with a distinctive sound for each type of notice.
- Individual email reminders, individual text message, or WebView.
- Attach files to keep all related documents in one place.
- Establish passwords and settings for your team and your company.

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