Point. Click. Schedule.

Visual Dispatch has an interactive, drag and drop interface that allows dispatchers to easily check availability, schedule cranes, equipment, employees and jobs.



Visual Dispatch is designed from the user's perspective, simplifying all the steps involved in fleet management, including quoting, scheduling, dispatching, safety, field ticketing, time sheeting, invoicing, and reporting.

In addition to being used extensively by crane and rigging and equipment companies, Visual Dispatch is a versatile and reliable tool applicable to many other businesses that require logistical management of jobs, equipment, and people.

Visual Dispatch continues to grow with outstanding features to become more efficient for all its users. Collaboration with each client ensures that particular needs are met. Integrate seamlessly into existing systems to create efficiency. From sales, to dispatch and live tracking, Visual Dispatch can do it for you.



Our system was designed by salespeople for salespeople with those busy schedules in mind. You know your customer better than anyone. Standardize and capture all the information needed by all departments without sacrificing the ability to customize the look and feel of your quotes.


Crane & equipment scheduling is what our software was built for. No other scheduling tool will give you the ability to manage your resources quite like we do. Whether tracking the many changes of taxi work or keeping tabs on long term projects, our scheduling tool will make your operations run smoother.

  • Share Employees & Equipment Between Branches

  • Use Regions to Group Branches & Divisions

  • Group Rentals in Projects for Multi-Level Reporting

  • Manage Resources from a Single Screen with Drag & Drop Functionality

  • Track Equipment & Employee Certifications

  • Manage Multiple Companies in a Single Database

  • Create & Manage Purchase Orders


Some the common challenges in the equipment industry is the ability to have accurate job ticketing. With Visual Dispatch’s mobility features it allows you to get real time ticketing for jobs that helps you prevent time wasting activities associated with job billing. Our simple interface helps with user adoption, invoicing turn around time and simplifies payroll time capture. Whether your devices are B.Y.O.D. or company issued, our web based platform works on all devices without the need for device registration. 


  • View Job Information from Mobile Devices

  • Job Changes Instantaneously Update across all Devices

  • Capture Electronic Signatures from Field Users and Customers

  • Job Time Estimates Auto-Adjust to Actuals when Changed in the Field

  • Immediately Deliver Signed Tickets to Customers via Email

  • Create Invoices for Jobs Immediately After Tickets are Signed


  • Enter and/or Approve Time Entries from a Mobile Device or on a PC

  • Auto Populate Payroll Entries with Job Information on Mobile Devices

  • Capture Non-Billable Time Entries for Field, Shop or Back Office Personnel


Stop wasting time re-keying invoices from scratch into your accounting software. We understand the importance of using all the information available to remove the duplication of effort and help your team communicate more effectively.

  • Customize the Invoice Approval Process for Each Branch

  • Close Financial Periods to Match your Accounting Practices

  • Calculate Overtime Automatically on Quotes & Invoices

  • Post Batches of Invoices Directly to the General Ledger

  • Email Invoices and Credit Memos to Customers with Integrated File Attachments

  • Assign Granular User Account Permissions that Meet Audit Recommendations

  • Reconcile Information Sent to Custom Integrated Accounting Systems


Take full advantage of all the live operations and financial information in your business with our unmatched reporting functionality. Visual Dispatch provides live interactive data that helps you make real time and executable decisions, making your business more profitable.

  • Quickly and Easily Analyze LIVE Operational & Financial Information with Interactive Dashboard

  • Review Data at a High-Level or Drill Down to the Details

  • Microsoft Based Solution with the Ability to Tie Into Other Data Sources

  • Static Reports with Month End Accounting Process in Mind


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