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The Senarc Team is readily available to support our Visual Dispatch Customers. Because the software is rock solid stable and easy to use, most of our customers are ready to begin saving time and money from the moment they complete their first install.

Visual Dispatch is, at its core, a visual drag and drop scheduling system. Accessing information about a resource, employee, or customer is as simple as clicking a scheduling bar in the scheduling window. This is why Visual Dispatch saves countless hours of employee time. In addition to being feature rich and highly configurable, it is also the easiest software to use in it's class.

If you would like to see how easy it is to get up and running, check out how get up to speed on the basics.


  • What type of product is Visual Dispatch?
    Visual Dispatch is a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use software product.
  • Can I see my schedule over the Internet?
    Yes. Visual Dispatch’s Webview feature allows you to view your schedule over the Internet.
  • Where is my data stored?
    You can choose where your data is stored based on your company’s hardware configuration. We can offer guidance if you wish.
  • What is the cost of Visual Dispatch?
    Visual Dispatch pricing is based on the number of concurrent users. For more details, contact a sales rep at 877-736-2722, ext 1.
  • Am I locked in for a certain time period?
    No, the license agreement is a month-to-month term.
  • How many users can be in the system at once?
    As many as you need. Some of our customers have as many as 20 users on the system at one time.
  • How does the system handle equipment maintenance?
    Visual Dispatch has an integrated preventive maintenance module. It allows you to track preventive maintenance items as well as other costs associated with the maintenance of your equipment.
  • Can quotes and proposals be done in Visual Dispatch?
    Yes, there is an integrated quote module. It allows you to quickly generate quotes on an Excel spreadsheet or in a Word document. All quotes are tracked and reports can be generated.
  • We’re looking into GPS. Can Visual Dispatch work with our GPS company?
    Yes, we have an integrated GPS module. If your GPS company provides us with data for action items, we can easily work together to optimize your efficiency.
  • I want to limit access for some users. Can this be done?
    Definitely. User access can be controlled through the Options menu.
  • Will Visual Dispatch integrate with my accounting system?
    Visual Dispatch integrates with most accounting systems.
  • How many customers do you have?
    We have 125 customers—and growing—located in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.
  • How long has Visual Dispatch been available?
    Visual Dispatch was released in the mid-90s and has been regularly enhanced since that time with simplified, user-friendly features.
  • How do I back up my data?
    There is an automated backup feature in Visual Dispatch that allows you to select a backup location. If you already have a backup system in place, no problem; you can contact us for information on what you need to easily back up your data.
  • How do I know all of my jobs have been invoiced?
    There is a report feature that indicates which jobs have been invoiced so you can invoice in a timely manner and improve cash flow.
  • How does Visual Dispatch handle recurring invoices?
    You can determine the frequency (e.g., weekly or monthly) and set exact dates for invoicing any customer.
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